5 Reasons To Book Your Trek With Local Company in Nepal

A beautiful country with richness in nature, Nepal is actually a paradise for trekking purposes.

It is a known fact that Nepal is a mountainous country.

The Himalayan regions offer very unique trekking experience in Nepal.

Upper Mustang, Kanchenjunga trekking, Manaslu trekking, and Mount Makalu Trekking are some of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal.

Types of Trekking in Nepal

Camping Trek

Camping trek is basically the most organized and supportive trek which is fully enjoyable for the trekkers.

However, this trek is not suitable in every region.

You are provided with porters and guides as well depending on the company you booked your trip with.

Trekking in the beaten trails doesn’t have facilities of accommodations, guest houses, hotels or even lodges.

These trekking trails are situated away from the regular trails where trekking happens.

These treks will certainly give you a beautiful experience of the civilization, its development and the economic aspects as well.

Tea House Trek

It is also known as lodge trekking.

It is comparatively cheap and the accommodation and meals are provided in the teahouse.

In Nepal, this type of trek is quite popular because trekkers can stop to eat and sleep at a tea house whenever they want.

The meals they provide are very simple and delicious.

Many tea houses are very much comforting and can give you a good night sleep.

However, not all are like that.

This type of trek can be a great way to interact with local people and get to know their culture.

How to Book Your Trek in Nepal?

If you’re planning on trekking in Nepal, how do you book your trip?

To help you get a little insight, we’ve described about this.

Whether you want to book your trek online or in-person, it depends on how much time you are staying in Nepal and the type of trekkers you are.

If time is an issue for you, booking online can help you save your valuable time.

Booking Online

The major advantage you can have if booked online is that everything is pre-arranged for you before you arrive here.

You’ll be picked up by a staff of the company from the airport.

And they’ll also bring you to your hotel.

Moreover, you will also know the dates of your trekking days to make planning easier for you.

Booking In-Person

The major advantage you can have if booked in-person is that you’ll get a more personal feeling for the guide and the trekking agency.

If you have time, you can spend it to visit different trekking agencies and talk to your guide.

To build a healthy companionship, you can go out for lunch and ask all the relevant questions.

Personally visiting the office, interacting with their staff and their communication on the subject of trek should be done in person.

After you’ve decided the way you want to book your trek, it’s time to think about from where?

You have a choice to book your trek from an international or a local company in Nepal.

We’ve briefly described as to why booking from a local company would be beneficial for you.

Why Booking Your Trek with Local Company is Beneficial?

Best Price

In Nepal, local companies offer fair price for the trekking purposes because of the low staff and operation cost.

If you’re booking your trip at local trekking agencies in Nepal, you’re most likely to go with the low and best price.

But also keep in mind that a lower price is not always worth the savings.

Trekking at high-altitude can have various risks and can also be life-threatening.

And as travellers, we can’t ignore that and go for a much lower price.

However, our goal should be to find a perfect agency with the best price that will provide all the necessary facilities to make the trek successful.

Helps Promote Nepal’s Economy

If you’re someone who wants to make a change in the world, this is your chance.

Booking from a local trekking company can help country like Nepal develop and prosper to an extent.

The money you spend on trekking holidays will directly go to the local economy.

This can make so much difference for Nepal because tourism is the backbone of Nepal economy.

You’ll be contributing in helping thousands of people involved in tourism business.

Each and every rupee you spend will help entrepreneurs take Nepal to a bright future.

Genuine Information

As you already know, local companies are based in Nepal.

These local companies are up to date about what’s happening around Nepal.

International companies probably lack information in depth but local companies are a lot more different.

They’ll provide you with relevant information about weather, political situations, and socio-cultural information.

This will not only help you understand what’s going on but make your trek a successful one.

Reliable Staffs

The local companies have local people working for them.

And you must have heard that the Nepalese people are very welcoming and kindhearted towards foreigners.

The staffs the local agencies provide will have enough knowledge about the region you will be trekking on.

They’ll be reliable which is very important for any outsiders to make their trip an amazing one.

You will be provided with local guides, sherpas, porters etc. who will help you in every step of the way.

And there’s no one who can describe the tourism spots better than locals.

They know the place inside out so they’re very much reliable.


International companies are known for offering group and scheduled holidays for the trekkers.

This means the travelers will have to follow the group travel.

And the companies can cancel the trek if they lack bookings for the fixed date treks.

However, local companies do not cancel the trek even if you’re just a single person planning the trip.

They organize trek for anyone for any date which is so much better than seeing your trip get canceled.

And the local company not only offers fixed itineraries but tailored ones according to your stay in Nepal.


If you’ve planned your trekking holiday in Nepal, then you’re in for an adventure.

Nepal is such an amazing naturally blessed country and you will definitely have the best time.

After going through the above information, there’s no reason for you not to book your trip with a local company.

It has been organizing the best trek in Nepal for so many years.

Plan your trip with much care and research and we promise you, you will have the best time here.

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