Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most dangerous and reviving trips you will ever experience in your lifetime. You need to have proper and necessary items in your bag before you go to Everest base camp trekking. You might have a thought many times that what should you pack in your bags. Only necessary items will be good for trekking otherwise you might have a difficulty in trekking.

Even though you like to have all of your favorite items to be packed in your bags, some trekking companies will not allow you to do so. There is a limit on the weight that you will be carrying with you when you sit on a plane. However, if you are trekking with a small number of people, then it might not be an issue. You can carry over 15 kg weight by paying a small fee at the airport.

You should also consider about the porter who will carry your packed bags in Everest Base Camp trek. They are allowed to carry a limited weight. Even if they agree to carry your heavyweight trekking bags, they will definitely have a harsh condition. There are many, many needy people over Everest Base Camp who are waiting for the visitors. With which they can earn a little money.

It will be very difficult to carry a large suitcase with you while Everest Base Camp Trek. However, you can still carry a suitcase and put all your necessary kinds of stuff in that. The hotel you will be staying will look after it until you come back from the trek. For trekking in Everest Base Camp, you will be provided a rucksack by the tour company. The rucksack will have all trekking gears and items while trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Now let’s see the what your packing list should be during Everest Base Camp Trek

Clothing-Top Half

1. T-shirts
You should consider T-shirts that can be quickly dried. Even after wearing for the 1st time, you should be able to wear it again. It should not be for one-time use. You will seriously have a problem in trekking with wet T-shirt in icy cold windy weather. The most preferred T-shirts are ADIDAS climate shifts. It easily gets dried within half an hour.
2. Long-sleeved shirt
It would be better if you wear a long-sleeved shirt. You will surely feel extra cold when you reach Everest Base Camp. So your favorite choice for trekking must be a long-sleeved shirt.
3. Fleece jacket
Another thing that you will be needing is fleece jacket which is comfy and lightweight. That will keep you warm in cold weather.
4. Windbreak Jacket
If you want to stay out of cold weather then you should buy windbreak jacket. You will feel very warm cutting the cold wind in Everest Base Camp trek.
5. Down Vest
You will also face a situation of hot sunny days. Then at that time, the best choice for you will be down vest. You will not be able to bear big down jacket in hot days. So be comfortable wearing down vest.
6. Down Jacket
You will not need down jacket in a hot day time. But it will definitely be essential clothes at night time. It will make you comfortable while sleeping and keep your body warm.
7. Rain/Goretex jacket
The rain/goretax jacket is the best option you have when you reach Everest Base Camp trek. It will make sure that you will not get wet because of rain. If you don’t want to sorry later, then you should definitely buy rain/goretex jacket. It is a bit expensive but is well-worthy for Everest Base Camp trek.
8. Thermal tops
For ladies, it would be better to wear 2x pairs of thermal tops at night. Thermal tops will also keep you warm in high altitude area during days.
9. Sports bras
For ladies, sports bras will be the best option to wear in high altitude place of Everest base camp. It will keep your body warm.
10. Glove liners
Glove liners are best in lower altitude places where the wind is not very cold. It also prevents from blisters on your hands while climbing.
11. Big gloves
In a cold place, a big glove will keep you warm. It will be better if gloves are waterproof and windproof.

Clothing –bottom half

1. Shorts
Shorts will keep you warm in days while climbing to Everest Base Camp. They are also the best option to wear in lower altitudes.
2. Undies
It will be better to take enough pairs of undies, which will make you comfortable while trekking.
3. Trekking pants
One pair of lightweight trekking pants would be enough to keep you warm on cooler days.
4. Zip-off trekking pants
Zip-off trekking pants can save some space in your bag. As these pants can be converted from long to short, easily it would be better to wear in cold mornings as well as on warm days.
5. Waterproof/Goretex pants
There is a chance of snow and rain in Everest Base Camp. If you want to stay out of snow and rain, then bring waterproof/goretex pants with you. But if you want to save money, avoid it.
6. Fleece tracksuit pants
Fleece tracksuit pants are not necessary for trekking. But bringing one pair will surely make you comfortable at night time.
7. Thermal bottoms
Brining thermal bottoms will keep you warm in cold night and day in higher altitude places. You can take 2 pairs of thermal bottoms with you.
8. Compression pants (skins)
Compression pants are the second option that you have after thermal pants in high altitude places. It will help to keep your legs warm on cold days and night.


1. Good quality trekking boots
You will need good quality trekking boots to walk on the difficult path of Everest Base Camp. It will be dry and dusty in lower altitudes and there will be a loose rock in higher altitudes. You will be easily get slipped in the way if you don’t have good quality shoes. Quality trekking boots also help to keep your ankles stable.
2. Socks
It would be better to take a few pairs of socks with you. Bringing different pairs of liner socks, thick socks, super thick socks and compression socks will make you very comfortable every night. It is most important that you don’t get harmed your feet. Otherwise, your journey will be very difficult.
3. Gaiters
You will feel comfortable if you bring a pair of short gaiters with you. That will help you to cover the top of your boots. It will help you to stay away from dust and rain. You should avoid long gaiters that come up to your knees. That would be nothing than a waste of space and money.
4. Down booties
Down booties will be a great thing to wear at night in teahouses. They are available in Thamel at a low price. It’s easy to pack and you don’t need any large space.
5. Slip-on shoes
Slip-on shoes are best to wear when you are around the teahouses. You will have difficulty if you just bring down booties and socks with you while going to a bathroom in the midnight.


1. Beanie
A good quality head-hugging brimless cap called beanie will be best to keep your head warm. Bringing the beanie that has extra fleece sewn would be better to keep your ears warm as well.
2. Woolen headband
If you are not comfortable wearing a beanie, then take a woolen headband with you. It will help you in lower altitudes while you might feel cold at high altitudes.
3. Buffs
Taking buffs also known as a face mask will be better for you. You can take two buffs with you. One would be made of thinner and lighter material which will help you stay away from dust in lower altitudes. Another one would be thick buff which will help to block out icy winds in higher altitudes.
4. Hat
If a hat makes you comfortable, you can take one during the Everest Base Camp trek. It’s your choice whether you like to wear hats or not.
5. Polarised sunglasses
If you want to keep dust out of your eyes and make your visibility clear, then you should bring polarized sunglasses with you.


You must drink a lot of water each day while trekking in high altitude mountains. Plenty of water in your body helps you to stay away from headaches.
1. Camelbak
You can bring Camelbak with you instead of water bottles. You can fill in water each morning and drink it while trekking. It would be better to bring camelback than unpacking new bottles each time.
2. Aquatabs
It is the best option that you have if you don’t find drinking water nearby you. You can put water purification tablets i.e. Aquatabs in water and make it drinkable.
3. Hydralyte
You can put hydralyte in the aqua tabs mixed water to make its taste better.
4. Metal water bottle
You must carry a metal water bottle with you. Whenever you feel cold, you can drink hot water from a metal water bottle. You can even take it to bed and drink whenever you feel cold.

Besides this, you will find many plastic bottles in the mountain areas. At the start, the price of a plastic bottle will be cheaper. But the price will become expensive after you climb up the mountain.


Staying healthy in up and down the mountain areas during the Everest Base Camp trek will be difficult. Most of the tourists from Europe have a habit of spitting everywhere they like. That’s not hygienic. Trekkers have a chance of suffering from Khumbu a cough while coming down the mountain. It will make their horrible voice. You will also have chesty coughs and some rotten colds.

Sometimes, you don’t get to bath for few days and weeks. That might give you an unpleasant smell. So it would be better if you take care of your hygiene and try to look the best you can. You should avoid going near to sick people. However, if you feel sick, you will pharmacies in big towns Namche Bazaar and Dingboche. You can take health advice there and buy medicines from there.
1. Towel
You should take a small microfiber towel with you. Whenever you get showered, it will make you dry quickly.
2. Deodorant
If you smell a bit nicer while you are having sweat coming all from your body, then take a full bottle of deodorant with you.
3. Toothbrush and toothpaste
Take a toothbrush and toothpaste, along with you to make your mouth smell good. You should use bottled water instead of local water because it might have bacteria in it.
4. Tissues
You will have a sniff at some point during the Everest Base Camp trek. So take a few packets of tissues along with you to use it when you sniff.
5. Baby wipes
Baby wipes can be used as shower when it’s freezing outside. They can also be used for cleaning your feet.
6. Toilet paper
You might not find toilet paper in tea houses. It will be better you carry a toilet paper along with you. But you should be careful while buy toilet paper. You should get a good quality paper if you don’t want to walk with chaffed ass.
7. Soap
Taking a small bottle of liquid soap will help you to keep your hands and other parts of the body clean. Whenever you get a chance to have a shower, you can use it.
8. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo stands as the best option if you don’t get a chance of showers. You can just spray a little in your hair.
9. Hand Sanitiser
You should take a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. It will help you to stay healthy.
10. Moisturizer
Moisturizers help you to stay out of cold and dust. It will prevent your skin from getting dry. You can also use it in the lips and other areas.
11. Cold and flu tablets
You are surely going to get cold during the Everest Base Camp trek. So taking cold and flu tablets help you get through difficult days while trekking.
12. Painkillers
You might have plenty of headaches while climbing in high altitude places. So it would be better to take some painkillers with you.
13. Diamox
If you have altitude sickness, then you must carry Diamox with you. It reduces the effect of altitude sickness. You can take 1 to 2 doses of tablets each day. Due to its side effect, you might feel your fingers and toes tingled. But don’t worry, it doesn’t last long.
14. Basic first-aid
You can take basic first-aid with you. You can use it whenever you have small cuts and blisters.
15. Sunscreen
You will be moving towards up the high altitude mountain. So there is a high chance of the sun directly reflecting to your face. You can use sunscreen the for few times in a day.

Other Essentials

1. Backpack
You will take a backpack each day putting all necessary stuffs while Everest Base Camp trek. The weight should not be too heavy. You should be comfortable while carrying the backpack. Also make sure that you take a rain cover to stay away from the rain.
2. Powerboard
You should always take a powerboard with you during Everest Base Camp Trek. But make sure that your purebred can charge multiple devices at once. If you don’t take powerboard along with you, then you have to pay for charging your electrical devices at some teahouses.
3. Solar Panel
You should take a solar panel with you to keep your electrical devices charged when you don’t have powerboard. But if you don’t think necessary and it is too expensive. Then you can avoid it.
4. Sleeping bag liner
Sleeping bag liner is an extra layer that goes inside a sleeping bag. It offers you warm sleep and little hygiene. You can buy these at a low price in Thamel.
5. Pillow Case
You can take your own pillow if you don’t feel comfortable sleeping in pillow supplied by teahouse. If you are a hygiene concern person, then take your own pillow case.
6. Mobile phone
Mobile phone can help you to keep in touch with your family and friends. Even though you will find a few places where there is an internet facility in Everest base camp trek. But it will be better to take along with you to remain in contact with other members as well.
7. Karabiners
Karabiners will be great when you need to hang your necessary stuffs like your backpack and drinking bottles.
8. Travel diary and pen
If you have a habit of writing each day stories in your diary, then you can take your travel diary and pen with you. It will be fun to read it later and share the experiences with other reading the diary.

Items You Can Borrow

You can borrow few necessary stuffs from your tour company that would be free of charge.
1. Rucksack
You can borrow the big bag, i.e. rucksack where you can put other necessary stuffs. Your porters will be carrying rucksack so you don’t need to worry about extra weight.
2. Sleeping bag
You will be provided a big cozy sleeping bag by your tour company. It doesn’t mean that you will get a new one, but already used one. If you are comfortable with that, then take it with you.
3. Trekking poles
You will also be provided a trekking poles, which will boost up your stamina while climbing steep hills. It will also save your keens coming back while climbing. However, you should make sure that it is working well while taking it from the tour company.

Camera Gear

You will surely not return from the Himalayas without taking a decent picture from the camera. You can take your best camera which you will get your best picture. But make sure that it will not create any problem while climbing. It would be better if your camera is lightweight and easily fits into your pocket.

You should better research about the best cameras and its features. If you are thinking about taking a lot of beautiful pictures, then make sure that you have the list out equipments.
1. Canon 7D MKII
It is a semi-professional DSLR camera which gives a better picture in RAW format.
2. Spare batteries
You should take some spare batteries with you. But make sure that it don’t get damaged due to cold.
3. Canon 17-40mm lens
Canon 17-40mm lens will give you a wide angle view which can capture the beautiful picture in wide length.
4. Canon 70-200mm lens
It is not a necessary one, but if you are looking for best picture, take it along with you.
5. GoPro Hero 4 Black
GoPro Hero 4 Black will provide you a great little camera which will work at its best whatever the condition would be.
6. Feiyu Tech G4S gimbal
This helps to hold GoPro Hero 4 Black steady. It also eliminates unsteady footage when we walk.
7. Memory Cards
You should take a memory card that has enough storage capacity. GoPro and Canon 7D, both have 64 GB memory card insert inside of it. It also has 32GB backup spare backup card.


Make sure that all these above-mentioned items are in your packing list during Everest Base Camp Trek. Your excursion to Everest Base Camp will be exciting and a journey to remember in your life if you don’t compromise with your packing list items. But you should consider the importance and use of the items that you are taking with you. It’s better to avoid extra unnecessary stuff as it only makes your bag heavy and your journey troublesome. You can cut out some of the above-mentioned items if you don’t have enough money to spend. Just make yourself comfortable and don’t make yourself a part of any trouble.

Enjoy your Everest Base Camp trek and have fun with all necessary items.f

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