How to Find Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

There are thousands of trekking agencies in Nepal that you can book your trek from.
But it all comes down to several factors regarding the successfulness of your trek.
After you’ve decided to do trekking in Nepal, you may be in a dilemma as to which agency to choose.
The choosing of trekking agency is a critical decision.
Your entire trekking holiday will heavily depend on the type of travel agency, their management and the guide they provide you with.

How to Find the Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal?

In order to help you with choosing the best trekking agencies in Nepal, I have listed down some helpful tips you can use to find them.

Decisions regarding your needs

Before you decide to search for good travel agencies, make a clear picture of your needs and desires for the trip.
By doing this, you’re able to choose a good company that can live up to your expectations.
You should be able to decide the type of accommodation you’d like or the type of food you’ll love.
Look for agencies that can fulfill your needs and take you on a new adventure.
If you have made a clear picture in your head, there will be no difficulty in selecting a good trekking agency.

Experienced Companies and their Expertise

You always need to keep in mind that the older the agency, the better your trip is going to be.
So, you have to search for such experienced agencies that have been running for a long time.
A well experienced agency can be considered as the experts in this type of business.
However, there’s no hard and fast rule for you to consider old companies.
Any newer companies can be a good choice for you as well.

Affiliation to authorities

Affiliation is very important when it comes to the reliability to companies for holidays.
Because you’ll heavily rely on your agency for a better experience, it’s important that they’re fulfilling every legal need.
Any company that is not affiliated to any legal authorities is unlikely to be reliable.
Therefore, the travel companies should be associated with the recognized organizations of the country.
By associating with the Government or Non-government authorities, it enhances the reliability of the agencies.

Registration and Licenses

It is very important to trust your trekking agency because you’re relying on them for holidays.
Always check if the agency is registered or licensed because you don’t want to be booking your trip from an illegal agency.
Any tour company must be registered with Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board and Trekking Agencies Association in Nepal (TAAN).
NMA is a must if the tour company sells climbing facilities too.

Costs and Facilities

You should not consider the companies that provide facilities at a much cheaper rate.
Cheaper companies are not always the better.
Always go for reasonable prices at which you can get enough facilities.
The trip is meant to be a successful and memorable one so make sure you’re fulfilled.
The companies provide you facilities from pick up from the airport, good accommodations to provision of experienced guides.
Look for other agencies and make a comparison of the facilities each provide.
Also, you have to compare your own needs to the facilities provided by the company.

Online Client Reviews

If you want to read what the trekkers before you experienced, the internet is your place.
However, agencies are unlikely to post any negative comments on their website.
By doing this, their business can experience a serious downfall.
Make sure you go through both positive and negative reviews.
Big travel websites such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet have reviews of trekkers/travelers.
They share their experience on the comment section which you can read to make rational decision.
You can also mail them directly and ask about how their experience was during their trip.
The internet has made life that much easier.

Sending an Inquiry e-mail

If you visit any company’s website, you’ll see they have their e-mail id written somewhere.
One of the reasons why they do this is if travellers have any queries regarding anything, they can mail them directly.
An inquiry e-mail is a good way to ask anything if you’re in confusion about your holiday trip.
You should never have any sort of confusion regarding your trip because that can lead to a bad experience.
This is a two way communication so this will definitely help you to clear things up.

Safety Priorities

Safety of a person is everything when it comes to engaging in challenging activities.
The agency you will book your trek from should have necessary safety standards.
The trip can go opposite way if necessary precautions aren’t taken care of.
It is no doubt that health of a person comes before anything else.
Make sure you are well aware of the safety measures the agency is willing to take in order to be on the safe side.
Thus, the only way to have an adventurous trek is to avoid any danger and trek with full safety.

Interviews with the guide

Building a companionship between you and your guide can help you in a lot of ways.
If you have enough time before booking from anywhere, you better interview your guide first.
You can ask all the necessary questions regarding his experience, his certificates, trekking gears.
Also, make sure he understands what you’re saying and can respond back to you in an understandable language.
He should know about your comfort zone and what your fears are.
It is very important to know all these because your entire trek depends on the capabilities of your guide.


In summary, the above briefly described points are important factors to consider having a successful trip in Nepal.
You should make your decision wisely and choose the best agency you see fit.
These points will definitely help you choose the reliable company that can provide you with every possible facility you need.

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