Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Are you heading to Everest Base Camp with using your own feet? Then you must get the best tips for Everest Base Camp Trek. Believe me, this trek is an epic one. It will surely be an amazing experience of your life.

As we all know, Nepal is taken as one of the best adventurous places for trekking in the world. And Everest Base Camp falls in the top list of that. A large number of people visit Everest Base Camp every year to have one time best experience of their life. Everest Base Camp Trekking gives you amazing views of high altitude mountains like Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Mount Everest.

You will definitely need some tips from an experienced person who has already traveled at Everest Base Camp. These tips will surely make your journey comfortable and safer as well. Here I have provided some of the most useful and best tips for Everest Camp Trek.

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

1. Pre-training

It will be better if you trained yourself well before getting into real trekking at Everest Base Camp. As we all know, Everest Base Camp trek is a multi-day and really hard trekking, you must prepare yourself before the real trek. It will prevent you from getting sick in the middle of the way.

2. Make a Gear list

You should make a gear list that is needed while trekking at Everest Base Camp. The important gears that you will need are trekking poles, gloves, socks, hats, sleeping bags (see: backpacking sleeping bag for Everest base camp trek), down jackets and other. It will be better if you buy these important gears from Kathmandu. There is a less chance of getting good quality gears at the Everest Base Camp area.

3. Take water purifier or purification tablets

If you want to stay healthy while going on Everest Base Camp Trek, then, it will be better to take water purifier or purification tablets. You will not find a filtered water bottle everywhere while trekking, so it’s a good idea to just fill the water from the tap and put purification tables in it. And make the water drinkable.

4. Take a guide book or map

The Everest Base Camp area will be the new place for each trekker. There is a high chance of getting lost on the way. So, it is a good idea to take either a map or a guide book if you want to have a safe journey.

5. Take medical kit

If you are physically weak, then you might have a problem while trekking at Everest Base Camp. It will be better if you take a medical kit with you. Similarly, if you have altitude sickness problem, then taking Diamox twice a day is the best medical prescription for you.

6. Accommodations teahouses

As Everest Base Camp Trek is a multi-day journey, you have to stay at some teahouses or lodges. It will be better to make a plan of where you will be staying and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You must get proper meals to energize your body for trekking. Otherwise, you might get sick.

7. Trekking poles

You should take trekking poles with you while trekking at Everest Base Camp Trek. It will be much easier to walk with four legs than with two legs in such a heavy snowy place. You might get difficult to take out your feet at high altitude place. At that time, trekking poles can be a great help for walking. Just remember your knees and feet will appreciate your effort if you take trekking poles with you.

8. Guides and porters

It will be best tips for Everest Base Camp that you should take guide and porter with you. As you will find difficulty in finding the way while traveling around the Everest Base Camp areas, a guide can show you the best way. In the same way, it is not possible to carry heavy luggage by yourself and walk a long journey. So, it is recommended that you should take porters with you.

9. Boots and footwear

The most difficult part while trekking at Everest Base Camp would be walking in such a cold snowy weather. So, if you don’t want to get your feet injured then you should definitely take the best boot that makes you comfortable. I suggest you take decent high-cut boots. Here is a good reference for you: Best Trekking Boots for Everest Base Camp

10. Socks and Liners

What’s important in Everest Base Camp trekking is that you must be able to walk for long days continuously without getting your legs injured. It is one of the best tips for Everest Base Camp that you should always take warm socks and liners with you. Your feet will not be like it was before you started trekking if you walk without warm socks. So, you should better take care your feet.

11. Take buffs and sunglasses

You should take buffs and a pair of sunglasses with you during Everest Base Camp Trek. Buffs make your neck warm in cold weather at Everest areas. Likewise, it can also be used as a headband, beanie, and dusty mouth protector. You can buy buffs at a cheap price in Thamel, Kathmandu. In the same way, taking sunglasses with you will be good for low altitude place of Everest Base Camp.

12. Buy Thermals

It will be better if you buy thermals and take it during Everest Base Camp Trek. You can easily walk in cold weather wearing thermals in a day. Likewise, it will also make your body warm at night.

13. Take nasal spray

You might have difficulty in breathing if you have to walk with a blocked nose. So, it would be better to take a nasal spray with you. The nasal spray will make nasal passage clear and moisturized.

14. Keep chocolates on bag

It is a good idea to eat chocolate while trekking at the coldest place of Everest Base Camp. You might feel get some energy if you eat chocolate.

15. Sit at front or back of plane for better views while flying to Lukla

You will have a good view of the Himalayas sitting on the left and the front part of the plane. Sitting at back and right part of the plane will not give you a clear view because of the plane’s wing. So, better chose you sit at the let or front side on the plane.

16. Put your batteries warm in your body

Because of the cold weather at Everest, the life of batteries will not remain long. So, try to keep the batteries as close to your body so that it will work for a long time. You have to pay a hefty amount to charge your batteries. Therefore, it will be better to save your money by keeping the battery warm in your body.

17. Wake up early in the morning to have the best view

If you want to have clear and beautiful views around Everest Base Camp areas, then it will be better to wake up early. Since the views will not be that clear in the day time as the clouds roll in very quickly. You will not be able to get the best view. The morning time can also be used for clicking pictures from the awesome sites Namche Bazaar and Tengboche.

18. Buy necessary stuff in Namche Bazaar

You will find many stores in Namche Bazaar which offers you the variety of items in low price. The local people Sherpa’s are usually seen most active in Namche Bazaar selling some of their popular items. So, do some shopping at Namche Bazaar if you want to buy some necessary items.

19. Respect local culture

You should learn to respect the culture of Sherpa’s if you are trekking to Everest Base Camp. It is usually found that they take their tradition and culture very seriously and they expect same from outsiders. You should always take permission before clicking a picture with them. They might not like it if you kept on taking pictures without their permission.

20. Avoid eating meat after Namche Bazaar

You should avoid eating meat after you cross Namche Bazaar. The meat that you eat might not be fresh and hygienic to eat. It might affect your health as well.

21. Take hand wipes and hand sanitizer

You might not get a chance to take a bath regularly during Everest Base Camp Trek. Even if you find a shower, you might hesitate to take shower since the water will be very cold. You might smell bad because of sweat and irregular bath. Hence, it will be better to take hand wipes and hand sanitizer with you. It might help to keep you healthy.

22. Take your time

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to trek to Everest Base Camp. Only thing matter is that you must come alive. So, don’t act like you are going to a race and overtake others. You should climb slowly by making your body comfortable.

These are some of the useful and the best tips for Everest Camp Trek which I have suggested you. I believe that if you keep in mind and follow these tips seriously, then you will not have any problem during Everest Base Camp Trek. So, I hope you all have best days of your life at Everest Base Camp Trek.

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